This Erratic Foxboy mirror is now closed (and might possibly be banned soon)

Please point your bookmarks to

It has been fun However, the laws this service now collectively operate under, are an ass, so LiveJournal, their owners SUP Media, and Russia's leaders and their toadies in their legislature, can pucker up and kiss mine.

Just to make sure this goes down in a blaze of glory, I am posting links to donate to the Russian LGBT Network to support their work against anti-LGBT hate crimes in Russia.
Donate Link - Russia only
Donate Link - Outside of Russia

This now rapidly out of date blog mirror will remain up as long as it can, but don't be surprised if the banhammer falls sooner rather than later.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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  • @AlGiordano Some updates: Ronan, Boynton Brown, Greene, & Pekarsky have withdrawn. Ronan/Pekarsky go Ellison, Greene endorses Perez in reply to AlGiordano ->

  • @sleavitt1 @AlGiordano @TomPerez Her statement asked for her supporters to vote their conscience. No endorsement as such. in reply to sleavitt1 ->

  • RT @KaivanShroff: I'll support whoever wins #DNCChair. Liberals who don't are self-absorbed and not focused on achieving real progress for… ->

  • RT @France4Hillary: The next DNC chairman needs to be tough, brave, & willing to work his heart out to remove Trump from office as soon as… ->

  • RT @TomPerez: A united Democratic Party is not only our best hope, it's Donald Trump's worst nightmare. #DNCChair #DNCFuture ->

  • RT @ferallike: If you threaten to leave Dem Party if so-and-so doesn't win then you obviously don't care how bad tRump/GOP will f*ck up the… ->

  • @algiordano True. However, this means that @TomPerez only needs one 1, provided his tally holds & Greene’s supporter follows her advice… in reply to AlGiordano ->

  • RT @AlGiordano: True but Ronan and Pekarsky had zero votes and Greene just 0.5! ->

  • RT @Trevor_LaFauci: If the choice of #DNCChair will prevent you from fighting American fascism these next 4 years then you can stop calling… ->

  • #DNCChair Round 2 Results as follows: 218 votes needed



    Congrats @TomPerez !!!!!! ->

  • Congratulations to new @DNC Chair .@TomPerez … Thanks as well to .@keithellison for energizing the race for the chairmanship ->

  • First act of our new chair .@TomPerez: nominate .@keithellison as deputy chair and keep Progressives onside ->

  • @clinteastwoodla What can I say, @TheDemocrats feel lucky today. in reply to ClintEastwoodLA ->

  • E:\Foxboy> NewPost.exe "Twiter Weekly Update 18.Feb.2017 – 24.Feb.2017" ->

  • RT @AlGiordano: Look how fast they turn on Rep. Ellison! (Just as fast as if he had won!) ->

  • @TheKaylaRiley @SXMOctane Can you play something by In This Moment please? ->

  • I hold on to expired credit cards until I can shred or melt them, which can take several years. You may be wondering,…(1/?) ->

  • why hold on to something that is useless for such a long period of time? The answer is logical (to me that is) and quite shocking tbh..(2/?) ->

  • Visa/Mastercard issuers issue renewed cards w/ the same 16-digit num when they expire, only the expiration date and 3 code changes……………(3/?) ->

  • This, coupled with the fact that everyone online has some form of personal info in the ether means that anyone who wants your new card…(4/?) ->

  • & has access to an old expired card just has to google ur name to get ur ZIP/post code & run an RNG on expiration dates + 3 digit nums…(5/?) ->

  • Now you may ask urself, “Why do I need to be so paranoid? my new card is a chip card!” Well, the new chip cards are no match for this…(6/?) ->

  • especially against those hackers who need the few remaining bits. This type of fraud (“card-not-present fraud”) is become more common…(7/?) ->

  • as credit card fraud moves from point of sale terminals and gas pumps to the internet. Your best bet to defend against this is this: … (8/?) ->

  • keep a hold on your expired card until you can either a.) shred it b.) melt it or c.) demagnetize it. (9/9) ->

  • @thekevineva @SSF1991 I concur. I just turned 34 today. in reply to thekevineva ->

  • @philvgersims Because @Akhmin made me! in reply to philvgersims ->

  • @philvgersims and because today is my birthday! in reply to biafrarepublic ->

  • @Urtheart Unfortunately, local officials frown on the creation and maintenance of death traps, unless as a use secondary to a nursing home. in reply to Urtheart ->

Twiter Weekly Update 18.Feb.2017 - 24.Feb.2017

Twiter Weekly Update 11.Feb.2017 - 17.Feb.2017

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